How to fit your intervals into a group session

Are you ever torn between joining a group training session or going out on your own to do intervals that your coach might have prescribed? If so you don’t need to be. There are several ways you can do both.

Find a loop
Before your session starts you can share your goals for it.  If everyone has the same goal then you can simply do the same session. Providing the goals aren’t a million miles apart you can probably warm up together and then find a loop that you can all do and then regroup afterwards. This can work for running or cycling and seeing each other periodically might even add a little extra motivation for you.

Include some hills
The inclusion of climbing to a session will force a focus on muscular strength. If some of the group are planning to include some of this type of training you can throw in some hill repetitions for them while others stay on the flat. Again you can warm up together and regroup afterwards or several times depending on how many interval sets you’re doing.

Take it in turns
How about letting your fellow athletes decide on the focus and you just turn up and do it? This approach might not work for everyone if you have wildly different goals or abilities but it’s a great way of adding some variety without having to think! If you take it in turns you can always include your own focus when it’s your turn. Beforehand you would probably need to agree on the boundaries.

Joining a group session can be really motivating and often give you an extra boost you wouldn’t have otherwise received. If you swim with a club you already do his anyway so why not give it a go in your bike or run sessions and be social at the same time too? Please share how you keep group sessions focused but social.